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Varta VP74PX 15V

Special 15V battery only from Varta. Especially for Winzeler Elektronic Trigger.

This product is no longer produced !  

..Replacement Solution, Click here

CHF 13.00

Battery compartment Scherrer

New!  Replacement for VP74PX !

The battery compartment allows the reuse of the Varta VP74PX 15V equipped electronic Trigger,,

Modell Winzeler Crossbow.

For other uses, please contact us, we certainly have a solution for you!

This Varta VP74PX is no longer produced. With our battery compartment can be used as a replacement, commercially available batteries. We recommend the SONY CR1632 with 140m / Ah button cell
The battery compartment must be purchased only once and remains in the crossbow until the battery is changed. Supplied with battery compartment and contact pin.

CHF 38.00

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Battery compartment for FWB Mod.90

Battery compartment as replacement for the battery VARTA VP74PX, suitable for compressed air pistol Feinwerkbau Mod.90


  • Ø 16.9 mm , same length as the original battery VP74PX
  • Pressure of the batteries given by movable brass pin;therefore no loss of tension due to loose contacts
  • Orginal contact springs exert even pressure on all button cells
  • Is delivered without batteries
  • we recommend  SONY CR1632 !

CHF 38.00

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